Help, please implement the download UINavigatorController by pressing a button. I could do everything, only UINavigatorController loads immediately. And I need to first have a window with a button and when I clicked on the button, only then the UINavigatorController open.

  • It should load immediately, and when you click on the button, load the corresponding UIView in it - zhenyab

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And what exactly confuses you? You can simply hide the navigation bar for the first controller, just insert a line in the (void)viewDidLoad

  [self.navigationController setNavigationBarHidden:YES]; 

and when pushing from the next controller, respectively, NO, well, return everything as it was when returning to the first controller. It will be right. If you really want to generate a controller by clicking on a button, then I can write code, but this is not quite true and convenient, in fact.

  • I need the first window to be with a button and clicking on the button opens the UINavigatorController with a list. So, how can I make a transition when I press the button to the list? Remove everything from the first page of the UINavigatorController and add a button? - Sergey4590
  • How tovarisch wrote aknew hidden = yes, and when you go to detailviewcontroller hidden = no. Jump [self.navigationController pushViewController: (your controller name) animated: YES]; - x86-64