Help to understand what the error is. I Firstvc trying to make the UITableViewController class the following code parent of the Firstvc subclass:

 #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> @interface Firstvc:NSObject{ @interface Firstvc:UITableViewController{ } @end 

Swears at this line

 @interface Firstvc:UITableViewController{ 

Here is what he writes

Expected specifier-qualifier-list before 'interface'

Where is the mistake? Maybe I have an old Xcode? Version 3.2.5. If so, how to do it?

  • 1. I see two sections of @interface for the same object in your code in a row. Something is not what you think? 2. <UIKit/UIKit.h> and <Foundation/Foundation.h> are different header files of different frameworks. - VioLet
  • And what to do? - Sergey4590
  • C code. - Sergey4590
  • one
    @ Sergey4590 I do not understand you. I have already said above that for some reason you have two consecutive @interfaces in the code - this should not be (if you don’t know why it shouldn’t, read about the class description in the language book). - VioLet
  • And what to do? I realized that it should not be so - Sergey4590

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And what to do?

Remove extra @interface?

 @interface SomeObject: UITableViewController { .... } @end