There is a site with the following structure: index.php images / css / style /

Three-column site. Is it possible to make an MVC structure of it? If so, how?

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    I have one question, why? - johniek_comp
  • in fact there are a lot of files ... just want to learn how to stir up - vinnie
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    for the phrase Сайт трехколонный and MVC I immediately understood your knowledge, so early, it’s not what you think, read again what mvc is, or take a framework to learn right away, for example ci or kohana - johniek_comp
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    It is clear that the level is below the initial level, but it is better to start correctly. Rakes certainly make us stronger, but I'm afraid this is not the case. - Snow

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If you want to learn, then Create a simple MVC system in PHP 5

And if it is fast and normal, then the Zend Framework . And yes, do not be afraid, everything is pretty simple. Manuals on the same Habré a lot.

    @Snow , In my opinion, the right way to start is to be able to select the architecture / tool for your task, and MVC for a three-column site is yes, strong. The guy probably thinks that the essence of MVC is in the routing and beautiful URLs in the address bar, looking at the videos on entering data into the controllers and opening them in the browser by the name of the same controller.

    MVC is an architecture created for the simple scalability of a project (probably a subjective opinion), read more about its essence (because judging by the wording, you have no idea what you are asking), and only then proceed to practice. It is better to start with frameworks, and then write something of your own.

    • Better yet, try to keep your spelling to a minimum. - Costantino Rupert
    • Well, of course it's better without MVC, typical bydlokod? So we turned to the base, otfetchili the result and immediately took it out. In general, this is a typical bydlokod, which unfortunately is very often found Three-column site? OK. Is there logic in there? If not, then in general php is not needed, if there is, then this logic must be separated from html! And so, unnoticed, we come to MVC - Snow