Do large computer games use ready-made databases ( Oracle , MS SQL Server , MySQL , etc.) or their own custom-made games?

The question may be strange, but suddenly I’m in vain worried about the database (I'm trying to learn how to work with a database in C++ ) and the finished databases are used in programs where you really need to store a lot of uniform information.

  • those. Do you think that "готовые БД(Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL и т.д.)" not worthy of being used in the game? - Specter
  • I just want to know what is used in the igrostroy. - chevchelios
  • what I do not write my own, I guarantee 95% - Specter
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    Sberbank has used oracle in its games, losses are looking for the causes of failure. would be better to write their subd =))) - Yura Ivanov
  • Yeah, and a client with the last name DROP will take down all the bases ... - Chavez

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Everywhere, where possible, and not only when developing games, use ready-made databases. Because the development of a ready-made high-quality database from scratch is money, often surpassing the actual development of the game itself. There is no point in making a new base when there are a large number of ready-made high-quality products on the market. It is cheaper to get free (or in some cases paid). For embedded solutions, SQLite is usually used, for MySQL server (because they are the most common and it’s easier to get free support for them).

  • And which database is better to use for a beginner (in terms of working with the database through an API in their programs) to create small programs? To make it easier, more documentation, sites / forums with information on this database, etc. And so that whenever possible it was not necessary for the user of my program to install the database, as it happens in games, where they do not seem to require the installation of any dependencies from the database. I found a wiki: Embedded DBMS - DBMS, which can be supplied as an integral part of some software product, without requiring an independent installation procedure. Is that what I meant? Or I confuse. - chevchelios
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    If this is a SQL database, then there is no practical difference for a beginner, which one to use, almost certainly the database will be built through the database driver API provided by the development platform: ORM, etc. - Nicolas Chabanovsky