Question. Is there a way to restore the system from the last checkpoint in Windows 2003?

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    Yes, there is such an opportunity.

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      And how will she use it? And then, I do not find it (forgive me for the mistakes of the keyboard, it sometimes falls) - arlek
    • I do not remember :-) I remember that a) this f-tion is. In theory, somewhere through the control panel you can recover. And it is configured as standard - through the properties of the system, but I usually disable the creation of control points - there’s really no use to them. b) there is an option "Last working configuration" in the boot-menu of the operating system. It is called by F8 in the boot process. - gecube
    • Thank you, there’s no sense in it for sure, but the manager thinks he is very smart, says do it from the control point, restore it, at his house you see, it helped, well, I only made sense of the time spent ( - arlek
    • You need to listen to the manager, you don’t need to confront him frankly :-) Just warn you right away - it does not help, and then you grit your teeth and then show the result :-) "you see it at his house" - it happens that recovery from the control point helps . - gecube
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      In XP, Start-> All-> Standard-> System Tools-> System Restoration. - avp