Hello, dear. Please help with this problem.

I'll start in order. Our company has a website, a MODx website control panel. As an employee, I am engaged in filling the site with content, filling out a catalog of goods. This menu used to look like this:

 Каталог товаров Кабельно-проводниковые изделия Провод Кабель Кабель с изоляцией из сшитого полиэтилена Системы прокладки кабеля Низковольтное оборудование Электроустановочные изделия Светильники Источники света Системы молниезащиты Высоковольтное оборудование 

I filled the Cables and Wires, everything was fine. Then he decided to fill the page "Products". I thought to put the same snares, as in the catalog of goods, but still add pictures to make it beautiful. After the update, the submenu stopped working. When I click on "Cabling and Wiring Products", it should appear

 Провод Кабель Кабель с изоляцией из сшитого полиэтилена 

And it is not. The site control panel has it. And the articles that I added too. alt image

But on the site itself it is not:

alt image

Please help me fix it.

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    @ s83maloy, According to the rules of the forum, questions should not be limited to the decision or the completion of student assignments. Please clarify what you have done yourself and what did not work out. @ s83maloy, According to the rules of the forum, you need to learn how to divide applications between the dots, start new sentences with a capital letter, and also put at least one comma . - VioLet
  • The most interesting thing that works for you in the English version and in Russian is not. The console does not show anything, with ModX is not familiar, but I assume that you have deleted the contents or submenu items. - Goldy
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Most likely, a self-written snippet is responsible for building the menu. This snippet does not take into account the depth of the hierarchy of documents. Most likely, designed for a maximum of 3 nesting. I say not exactly, because I do not see the menu building snippet.

  • and where to see this snippet? - s83maloy
  • Elements / control elements / snippets But in order to find out which snippet builds the menu, you need to look in the template under what name snippet - Anovoselof
  • the template looked there the inscription [[MainTemplate]] s50.radikal.ru/i127/1207/45/c72131e0f4f2.jpg opened the snippet MainTemplate there such code <? php if (in_array ($ modx-> documentIdentifier, array (1,2, 3))) {echo '{{index_tpl}}'; } else {echo '{{pages_tpl}}'; }?> s017.radikal.ru/i419/1207/ba/85e658865dba.jpg oh I feel that there is something wrong. help out Artemka I will not be in debt. Artem please add me skype s84maloy. maybe you can see through TeamViewer I'll pay for the robot. - s83maloy