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On some sites, if you click on the picture, it increases, without reloading the page. Here the similar construction interests. There is a link (if it’s cool if you hover on a div too) when you hover over which hunt a pop-up area, say 300x300 pixels, what would you say if you want to, like on a normal html page. Question 2:

  1. How to correctly name it (for google)
  2. Can anyone give a similar example

ps Well, if it’s really straightforward , then if you go to the website of the first channel, there will be links to news on the side of the player (there are always 4 of them), and if you hover the cursor on them, such a blue area appears. Here is something like that. (I can't pull out of the site, I have already tried it. I can’t pull out badly)

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    And in place of the photo you can insert textarea to write.

    • examples are good, unfortunately I do not understand how to remake them in their own way. because everywhere the picture turns into a picture, but I want a link to a part of the page. The closest only: <script type = "text / javascript"> $ (function () {$ ('. Zoom1001'). Hover (function () {$ (this) .children ('img'). Stop (true, true) .animate ({width: "900px", height: "700px", left: "- 300px", top: "- 30px"}, 800);}, function () {$ (this) .children (' img '). stop (true, true) .animate ({left: "0", top: "0", width: "300px", height: "300px"}, 800);});}); </ script> // picture wrap in div class = "zoom1001" - sergey
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      you can still like this - AlbertR
    • An interesting thing, just need to press for the action on / off - sergey
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      in response to your editing of the question. If you look at the code of the page of the first channel, you can see that the area you need initially has the style of display: none; then, when you move the mouse, it becomes display: block; do the same for yourself, in the code of the page, pre-create the region you need and post it diva style = "display: none;", and on the mouse event on top of the desired location of the page, change the style to display: block. - AlbertR