Need a wysiwyg editor for a django site. What application would you advise? Preferably with good instructions for installation and use.

  • Thanks to everyone, I decided to stop at Django-MarkItUp - LiGhT_WoLF

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Wysiwyg is the same javascript - put whatever you like more ... One of the most popular is TinyMCE .

    Alternatively, you can use markdown and simply render it in templates. Among the advantages is an understandable syntax, a “bare” text without any inline styles and other things there. Among the minuses - perhaps limited in terms of possible "embellishments" of the text. But you need it?

    As an application for this business, you can open django_markdown with an integrated WYSIWYG editor, integration into flatpages and some other things.

      There is an application Django-TinyMCE

      • I do not advise :) - neoascetic
      • Please explain why? Of course, I myself am not a supporter of WYSIWYG editors at all, in principle, because they are all curves. I prefer to edit pure HTML always, but your opinion is still interesting. I myself used Django-TinyMCE in a couple of projects, the setup for it is quite flexible ... - Shamanis
      • I also used a couple of projects. But - you yourself answered your question. They are all curves - neoascetic