Hello! Faced one question: tell me, please, there is a div , there is a tag in it, when you click on the tag, the jquery function fade or slide should be executed (I don’t understand jquery ), which will smoothly increase the size of the diva and show all the data in it. Tell me how this can be done on jquery . Thank!

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     $('link').on('click', function(e){ e.preventDefault(); $('div').animate({ width : 400, height : 400 }); }); 

      Do you mean something like this ? Or I misunderstood.

      • one
        To increase the div, you need to use the animate function, which animates the scc properties of the elements. - markuper
      • I agree ... but besides animate there are still several options for solving this problem - oneboy
      • @oneboy, @markuper, So it’s not far from holivar)) There is a mention in the question about resizing and that data should appear in this element. Therefore, both of you are right. And from the author I would like clarifications. Forget about jQuery and describe the process itself and the desired result of the action. - Deonis