Before me is the task of setting the edit fields of the user data in your account. One of the fields (user field) should be displayed in the form of radio buttons. How to achieve this? When I just put in the manifest (com_users / models / forms / profile.xml) for this type = "radio" field, it literally writes the following in the code:

<fieldset id="jform_sex" class="radio"></fieldset> 

... which is completely different, of course ... In the database, the data is placed in the field added to the main table (#__users). And question number 2 - how to set the condition for the mark of the radio button corresponding to the current value? Ie, it is correct to prescribe that in PHP it would be something like this:

 <input type="radio"<? if ($option['sex']=='f') {?> checked<? }?>> 

I would appreciate the answer on the merits.

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     <field name="gender_users" type="radio" default="1"> <option value="1">man</option> <option value="0">woman</option> </field> 


    • It. Thank you friend! :) - srgg67