I want, that after sidebar2 did not come on content at reduction of a window of the browser. Can't figure out how to do it. Help!

  • follow the link, change the screen size, I think you will see that the right block (sidebar2) climbs onto the picture (content) - chelovechki
  • Hmmm ... And what did you want? The picture then your not scaled when resizing the visible area of ​​the screen. - Deonis
  • already solved my problem by changing the value of min-width. I think those who ask questions here want to hear the answers, not criticism of the fact that they do not know something - chelovechki

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 #logo_img { width:100%; } 

Well, or fixed to the width of the div, depending on the size of the picture, etc., but in general it is worth looking at once towards the adaptive layout - media .

  • thank! but you can still ask this ... I want the sidebars to decrease proportionally as the window decreases, but the content remains untouched ... the simplest example is - chelovechki
  • one
    if you understand correctly, then just fix the width of the content div :) But in general, I repeat , in the search (for Habré, etc.) read about adaptive layout. In general, I did not say anything new :) - Arseniy