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Need a book for an employee who is already familiar with programming, but in java does not know anything. Those. The book is essentially needed for learning from scratch, but I want it to have less water, to focus on syntax and java chips, and not on already known definitions and five chapters on what a compiler is and how to install it.

The bottom line is that a person must master java for programming under the desktop, and then smoothly flow into android programming. So if you can immediately advise a chain of books for the implementation of this path, then we will be grateful. It is desirable, of course, books in Russian, but nevertheless, we will listen to all the options.


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    Horstman cool author! I advise you to read it

      Joshua Bloch "Effective Java: Programming Language Guide"

        Thinking in Java .

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          She is in Russian: "The Java Philosophy" by Bruce Ekkel. I like it. Horstmann (two-volume Java 2) is also very good, but (IMHO) is a bit too much. - avp 2:43 pm
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          @avp well, you can still argue, whether it is or not - rasmisha
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          @rasmisha, do you think that the translation resulted in another book? - avp
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          As a result of the translation, 400 ~ 600 pages are lost (quite a lot of things, you can simply compare which chapters are in the original and are not in the translation), so think whether this book is the same or not. - Viacheslav

        Java. Beginner's Guide Herbert Shieldt.

        Complete Java% version% reference. Herbert Shieldt.

        Android SDK javadoc. RTFM # 1

        Java ™ Platform, Standard Edition 7 API Specification. RTFM # 2

        In general, the idea that after reading a book on a programming language, read suddenly begin to successfully program is not worth a damn. The likelihood of this is about the same as if he saw the sign "beat your head against the wall here" and in the same second hit.

        By the way, Java programming under Win 32 x86 and under Android is two big differences and smoothly flowing from one to another is not a good idea.