I did everything as in this article Cocos2D-X for iOS and Android: Getting Started .

After running ./build_native.sh everything compiled. I went into eclipse, created an android project from an existing one, clicked on the Build Project. I run the application, only a black screen appears on the emulator. Spent a few hours, but to no avail. Does anyone know what is the matter?

  • what logs say? - Gorets

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Understood what the problem is. It turns out the new version of coconut (2.0) does not support the android emulator (some problems with opengl_es), you need to debug on the device itself.

  • So how to be? Take yourself an android device? Or come down to version 2? - Zoomerland
  • You can take the device. But in order to test the game on different diagonals, you still need an emulator. - AlexeyVorobyev