Hello! Please help with the problem. Already the 3rd day I can not solve it.

I am trying to get information using file_get_contents from this URL and display it on the screen.

As a result, everything is displayed correctly, but as soon as I add to this URL (% CB% EE% E3 +% E1% EE% FF) and try to also display on the screen, doodles are displayed. Already what functions for changing the encoding have not tried, nothing helps. Explain, please, who knows what the snag is !!

  • And if you just add the "Log + fight"? - Deonis
  • I even tried to decode the URL myself and then receive information from it, but the same thing! At another forum, someone suggested that the information is obtained from the site in gzip format, I don’t understand how the compression can affect the encoding! - quaresma89
  • Show an example of these "astrakhan". - Shevsky
  • Tell me how to upload a screenshot here, I'll show you a scribble! - quaresma89
  • on rghost screenshot in a pinch. - Smash

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Try this: urldecode .

  • At first, register the header document ("Content-Encoding: gzip", and I saved the file in uTf-8 encoding without a boom. - quaresma89