Good day. Looking for a good overview of modern means of authorization in the web, as well as ready-made opensource solution for secure authorization on the site, which can be easily embedded in your project. I do not want to reinvent the wheel, you need a proven solution. Server features: PHP 5.3, sqlite PDO. I would appreciate good links.

  • Enlighten, please, on what your project is assembled. - Steve

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Have you been banned from Google? ))) Here, for example, ready-made classes on your topic. Here is a solution using PDO , and here an example of authorization is described in detail with the use of PDO and SQLite

  • Google is a good thing, I do not argue. Only here to dig like pearls: $ u = unserialize (base64_decode ($ _ COOKIE [$ this-> remCookieName])); $ this-> login ($ u ['uname'], $ u ['password']); a little annoying.) - morin