In general, there was such a "hemorrhoids" with QT in Ubuntu (and under Windows too, as I remember): I installed Develop Environment QT Creator 4 (together with Linguist, the designer and the assistant). Installed from the Ubuntu application center, everything is perfectly installed. Here I am starting to prepare a new project, when suddenly Qt "cannot find suitable targets." Goals are qmake files that are involved in building an application.

So I have a problem: I don’t want to see the qmake-qt4 , which is in /usr/bin . I create an application in a folder on my desktop, but QT doesn’t "find the right targets."

  • But exactly with the qmake problem? I just remember that he doesn't have a compiler depending and doesn't put it, although it may have already been corrected - aknew
  • Well, yes, qmake-qt4 itself is worth it, but for some reason it is not recognized or is not located .... but can there be problems in something else, if not in qmake in this case? - Salivan
  • qmake console work? - Costantino Rupert
  • @ Kotik_khohet_kusat, yes, I checked the launch from the console, qmake runs fine. - Salivan
  • sdk you configured? - JK_Action

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Create a project in the root folder, more precisely in the home directory. There are still problems when certain characters are found in the directory path. Do I have a qt project was not going because of that? that I used the symbol "_" in its name

eeee /home/Desktop - what's this ??

  • Tried: / / usr / usr / bin / home / home / Desktop Nothing helped ... - Salivan
  • There is an assumption that you do not have rights to write in these directories - perfectisshit
  • No, I checked ... the problem is not in the rights. Although the directories are rutovskie, but still, the rights to them are maximum: drwxr-xr-x 11 root 4096 2011-10-12 18:26 usr drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 36864 2012-08-02 12:16 bin - Salivan
  • No one except root can write there. - avp
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    @SingleAsen, I don’t think that kinor Linux (chmod for / usr, / usr / bin, etc.) is a good idea. Easier to collect from under the root. - But, the problem is somewhere else. Personally, I didn’t deal with qt , but in principle (as I understand it) qmake should make a makefile. Those. you need to read the qmake documentation and run with the keys for trace / debug / verbose or something like that. Well, and carefully read the startup protocol and the files that control qmake. @SingleAsen, I hope you are working from the command line. In this case, run the script and then lay out the typescript . Let's try to figure it out. - avp