Is it possible in C ++ Builder 6 to build a graph based on certain data in order not to use Excel?

Or is it possible somehow in the program to create, open and write to the Excel file the information that the program will issue in order to create a graph with certain parameters after the file?

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    Build a schedule is very simple. Probably something like

    Canvas->MoveTo(StartX, StartY); Canvas->LineTo(X, Y); 

    Excel understands a very simple CSV format. Pack the data in such a format quite simply. And then it’s very very easy to open such a file in Excel and with a few mouse clicks make a graph.

      And you can use the Excel COM object. Have to get acquainted with the types of OleVariant.

      One of the simplest

        It used to be TChart. A simple way to draw a graph. The search is on time.