Is there a mini-library js, specializing in finding items on the css-selector, hanging events on them and passing under the DOM tree? There is an option to write your own, taking YASS as a basis, but suddenly this already exists.

P.S. jQuery does not offer for several reasons.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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    And what did not suit jQuery? Are there any reasons? - Alex Silaev
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    Of course: a large size (90+ Kb) and too many extra features that I don’t need. Plus, often the functions themselves have extra code. - ling
  • You are not looking at the volume. Correct: 31 KB. - Artem Sapegin
  • I look minimized non-gip. - ling
  • JQuery functionality is implemented in a special mobile library - zenith

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Found minijQuery .

    You can try to collect from cubes YUI . Although probably still get more than necessary.

    • Yes, there is the same garbage as jQuery. Plus, in order to build a library, you need to know what module it is in, which means that you also need to study this library. - ling

    sizzle .js jQuery base for selectors.

    • This is yes, but there is also a faster YASS. - ling