I read the PostgreSQL manual. The Array Designer section puzzled me greatly. I can not imagine where you can use the creation of arrays on the side of the database. If it is not difficult, simulate a situation when this feature is very convenient.

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    Arrays may be needed, for example, in order to filter / sort any data.

    For example, at work I was faced with such a situation, when we have homogeneous data in the table are entered into several fields, for example, City1, City2, City3, City4, and then, later, these 4 values ​​must be selected and sorted. Yes, this is an illiterately designed part of the database, but as practice shows, such cases are very often: [

    In general, I believe that this is a very cool thing, and when I implemented the stored procedures in the MSSQL database, this was not enough, instead I had to bother with creating temporary tables.