Good day! Can you please tell me how to install libpng in MinGW ?

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    Google for Windows advises

    IMHO if you just have headers and libraries, put the headers in ... MinGW \ include, and the libraries in the table of contents you like from the list provided

     gcc -print-search-dirs 
    • It is possible in more detail, I need to compile - lorents
    • @lorents, frankly, I did not collect this package. Looked, IMHO - on your link, go to SVN, there is a file INSTALL. Read, do. And what does not work? - avp
    • it requires libpng to be installed, I don’t know how - lorents
    • @lorents, tried to act on this instruction (For the extremely lazy)? - avp
    • Did, but still requires libpng version newer than 1.2 - lorents