How can an object change the value of QUANTITY ? It was 20, will be one less.

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    I see 2 ways:

    1. Define your cart class by inheriting from WBasket, where you add the Public function to change the value of QUANTITY.
    2. You can directly in your existing class add your function to change the value of QUANTITY.
       $object->QUANTITY -= 1; 

      Um ... I do not understand the question?

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      If QUANTITY is a private property, then there is only one option: add a function in the class that changes this property. Inheritance here does not roll, because the property is closed.

       public function changeQuantity($n){$this->QUANTITY += $n;} 
      • the question was changed for some reason, there was a dump of the WBasket class object, so QUANTITY is a private property of the class and so you will not change it - Ale_x
      • Updated the answer. - ling