Hello, help me figure out why the slider floats to the right in Mozile? Here is the slider itself http://spfireworks.16mb.com/ And this is the css files to it: http://spfireworks.16mb.com/css/style.css and http://spfireworks.16mb.com/css/style_alt .css ps I put the tags <br> to roll up the top menu and the slider, everything came up, but only in Firefox the problem is this, and if you can somehow connect the three blocks together (menu, slider and basket), tell me how, thanks in advance =)

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    .jms-slideshow - add clear: left; here clear: left;

    You have a floppy top menu, and it drags the slider.

    Or, remove the float: left from the menu, it is not needed there, and add overflow: hidden; on him. Since in the middle there are float elements. So it will be right!