<table> <tr><td>title 1</td></tr> <tr class="hidcont"><td>content 1</td></tr> <tr><td>title 2</td></tr> <tr class="hidcont"><td>content 2</td></tr> <tr><td>title 3</td></tr> <tr class="hidcont"><td>content 3</td></tr> </table> 

Nothing special, a label like a label, jQuery script:

 $('tr').click(function(){ var hidcont = $(this).next('tr'); if (hidcont.hasClass('hidcont')){ $('.hidcont').hide(); $(this).next('tr').toggle(); } }); 

Opens / Hides blocks. Nothing like that either. And the problem is the following: I want to make it so that when you click on tr current open block with content is hidden / opened, but now it turns out that the hidden element is tight and as a result the current block with content remains visible.

In general, all this is better to see 1 time than to hear one time

upd (solution)

 $('tr').click(function(){ if ($(this).hasClass('active')) { $('.hidcont').hide(); $(this).removeClass('active'); } else { $('.active').next('.hidcont').hide(); $('.active').removeClass('active'); $(this).addClass('active'); $(this).next('.hidcont').show(); } }); 

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    So ? Or I misunderstood the question ...

    • one
      In your case, you can limit yourself [like this] ( jsfiddle.net/CAQxQ/13 ) - iKuzko
    • No, it's not that, the fact is that I want to confine myself to just one open block! - Smash
    • ok, he decided (see upd). - Smash