#menu_item td { background: url(/i/dotted.png) 0px 50px no-repeat;} #menu_item td:first-child {background: none;} 

The background is not removed in the first cell and only in IE7, tell me what can be the problem?

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    Show your table :)


    In Ie7 it may not work correctly if there is something before the first td. For example, a comment in a template. For example, the rule will work here.

     <table> <tr> <td>текст</td> </tr> </table> 

    but not here :)

     <table> <tr> <!-- --> <td>текст</td> </tr> </table> 

    UPD: just make sure you have the correct doctype. If he is absent and IE7 works in quirks mode - he knows nothing about: first-child

    • Yes, I found a comment. Thank you!;) - Hancock888

    Try this:

     #menu_item td:first-child {background: none !important;} 

    Maybe it will help.

    • Thanks, but not working. - Hancock888