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There is a page that works and there are no complaints about it. When you open the page pictures start to load. How to make sure that the page does not open until all the photos are uploaded?

those. so that a person would not see how everything is loaded there, but he saw an already loaded page

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    Are you sure about your desire? If there are many photos and they are not 5k, then the download may take a couple of seconds. And if there is also a slow Internet, then a couple of seconds. When a person sees the download process, he realizes that everything is going well and the page is loading. If, when trying to access the page, he will just see a blank sheet for those 5-8 seconds, he will simply close the page and decide - the site does not work. % of failures will be very large. It is a bad practice to not show the page and just wait until all the photos are uploaded. - iKuzko 2:58 pm
  • sure I'm aware of the delay and how it can be. I need something for one spec. pages. so everything will be fine - Ipun

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read about the onload event, as well as the plus you can see lazy-load.