Please tell me how to deal with licensed fonts.

I want to fasten the font to the site. It is easy to see a price tag of $ 30 and "many bukav" about the license in which it is difficult to understand. Therefore questions.

  1. Is it possible to bypass the license somehow? Redraw the font yourself?
  2. If you buy it for these $ 30, can you put materials on the network using this font (for example, text with a picture)?
  3. If you buy for all the same $ 30, can I use the font-face? After all, in essence, this means open access to font files.

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    If you connect the font via @ font-face , it will lie on the server of your site and it will be easy to steal it ( which is what you wrote ). It is better if your license font will be implemented using JavaScript or using pictures .

    Better yet, find a more or less similar, but free font.

    • About finding more or less similar - I agree. A simple and obvious option. With the pictures, everything is clear. JS-solution involves the use of the font, but in a protected form, or the same substitution of small letters? - Cypher
    • JavaScript uses browser capabilities to render these letters. - Iwww
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      Why should a person who bought a font care about the complexity of the theft? Stole - drank - in prison, but this is the concern of law enforcement. The one who keeps the font on the site does not violate the laws, unless otherwise indicated in the license. He's not uploaded for downloading - alexlz