In one of the templates for CMS, joomla replaced the "check" with the authenticity of copyright. Here is the code from the index.php template. When changing the copyright - The template will break if author link is removed. And nothing is displayed.

 <div id="bottom"> <div class="tg"> <jdoc:include type="modules" name="copyright"/>2011. <?php if ($this->params->get( 'footerdisable' )) : ?><?php echo ($footertext); ?><?php endif; ?></div></div> <!-- Link protected by copyright law. DO NOT REMOVE! --><div class="lls">Powered by <a href="http://www.Сайт_производителя.com/" title="joomla 1.7 templates" target="_blank">Joomla 1.7 Templates</a></div> </div> 

How to remove this check?

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    How to remove the check: comment out this whole piece with eval(...); from functions.php .

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      How to remove this check?

      Having done what is written in the license agreement, if such an opportunity is provided (for example, to pay etc).

        In the functions.php file I found an interesting line:

         eval(str_rot13('shapgvba purpx_sbbgre(){$y=\'<n uers="uggc://jjj.serfuwbbzyngrzcyngrf.pbz/" gvgyr="wbbzyn 1.7 grzcyngrf" gnetrg="_oynax">Wbbzyn 1.7 Grzcyngrf</n>\';$s=qveanzr(__SVYR__).\'/vaqrk.cuc\';$sq=sbcra($s,\'e\');$p=sernq($sq,svyrfvmr($s));spybfr($sq);vs(fgecbf($p, $y)==0){rpub \'Gur grzcyngr jvyy oernx vs nhgube yvax vf erzbirq.\';qvr;}}purpx_sbbgre();')); 

        After decrypting str_rot13 it turned out

         'function check_footer(){$l=\'<a href="" title="joomla 1.7 templates" target="_blank">Joomla 1.7 Templates</a>\';$f=dirname(__FILE__).\'/index.php\';$fd=fopen($f,\'r\');$c=fread($fd,filesize($f));fclose($fd);if(strpos($c, $l)==0){echo \'The template will break if author link is removed.\';die;}}check_footer();' 

        But how to remove the check did not understand. the necessary copyright is encrypted and changed in the template index.php, everything works.