Goodnight! I really like jQuery technology, and JavaScript in principle, but unfortunately I have not met any decent video courses on jQuery or JavaScript. If anyone knows a good video courses on these technologies, in Russian or English - please share the links or tell us how to find. Thanks in advance.

PS Preferably Russian video courses, but also, with pleasure, I will look and English.

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  • Difficult to go to rutracker and download video courses where the largest number of seeders (which means they are the most intelligent)? - zloctb
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    > where is the largest number of seeders (which means they are the most intelligent) Mysterious logic)) - Deonis
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    Deonis 100% agree with you! - spoilt
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    I alone can not stand video courses and love books and docks? - Oleg Arkhipov
  • @Construct, you are not alone. For the sake of interest, I looked one in C ++ (just a video from the lecture) and several on sorting methods and realized that it was a waste of time. - avp

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JavaScript & AJAX .

    Well, from all the less popular courses, I can mark E.Popov jquery + javascript courses and javascript, jquery, etc. specialist courses

      Evgeny Popov really taxis) he studied on this video course)

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        @denisKlimenko, namesake, mc-ss ... About Popov here you need to speak in a whisper, otherwise they can throw stones)) - Deonis
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        @denisKlimenko, apparently as a result of these courses you asked the question "jQuery, array connection"? - avp
      • Well, there is not complete material)) - Bob Marley