How to make a check, if in the url on which I am, there is the word id and there is a number next to it, then we do one thing, otherwise we do nothing?

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    1) If the request is sent by a form or recorded in a standard form ( ), then the value of each such variable ( name , surname , something ) can be obtained through $_GET superglobal arrays or $_REQUEST .

    Here are the links to read about them:

    2) If the request is made in another way, then you need to get the entire URL - this is done as @klopp - $url=$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] says @klopp - $url=$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] .

    About array $_SERVER .

    Next we go along the line and look for our id and what is behind it.

     for($i=0;$i+1<strlen($url);$i++) { if($url[$i]=='i'&&$url[$i+1]=='d') { //обрабатываем ситуацию } } 

      If you need the digit id, then $_GET['id'] .

        The URL is pulled from $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] .

          I would just get the entire url and check the condition using regular expressions . The preg_match () function is fine.

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           echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]; 

          do not forget to put a tick in the circle)

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            @cnofss, and this is nothing, that the question was asked more than 2 years ago and it already has answers better than yours? And your answer practically repeats the answer of the user @klopp. - VenZell
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