Good evening. I finally got around to working on a forum that is hosted on a CMS Vbulletin, but I encountered such a problem - for example, if you go into any topic, then there is an <textarea> element for a quick answer, for example, here , but in this field for Answer is written - Click on the "Quick Reply" icon in the message to activate this option and the field is not active until you click on the "Quick Answer" icon ...

How to make it so that you can write immediately without clicking on the "Quick reply" icon ?

  • Are there really no Cbul Vbulletin specialists at Hashcode who can help with this issue? Google never gave a clear answer ;-( - spoilt
  • And why is there a specialist in the forum? You could try to find this piece of code in the template, and see where you can do it. - Arni
  • I have another problem now - I cannot find the file in which this <textarea></textarea> element is generated for "Quick Reply" - spoilt
  • It turned out to be easier than I thought. Admin Panel -> Basic Settings -> Writing and Editing Messages -> Quick Reply -> Put "Yes, No Press". - spoilt

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You would have given a link to a closed forum, so that life does not seem to be honey ... While registering on it - swore not once, but reached a quick answer. The question is solved by looking at the source of the page, the whole business: remove the disabled and the text inside the textarea:

 <textarea name="message" id="vB_Editor_QR_textarea" rows="10" cols="60" style="width:100%; height:100px" tabindex="1" dir="ltr" disabled="disabled">Нажмите в сообщении на иконку 'Быстрый ответ' для активации этой опции.</textarea> 
  • Thank you so much for your help. - spoilt