MS Word works under wine. When inserting pictures of initially good quality, they are terribly distorted. How can anyone get rid of this?

  • Say thank you that he even somehow started. About five years ago I tried to do it (run MSOffice under wine), but it worked so slowly that I could not write a word in it: D - cy6erGn0m
  • I have a long time office under Vain. Problems with the launch and the brakes have never been - Alexey Kotov

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You can try to put OpenOffice.

  • I agree. Only now it is better to try LibreOffice. It works somehow more positively and more correctly than the original OO. - gecube
  • I usually use OO already. Only now, often after editing in OO, in the Word it is crookedly opened. Especially if there are formulas or something like that. And this is unacceptable. - Alexey Kotov
  • GoogleDocs ;-) - AlexDenisov
  • By the way, they just saved me once: openoffice didn’t want to open one document at all .. I drove through the gugldocks, and then downloaded it back and opened it with openoffice .. not to say that without distortion, but I got at least something. - cy6erGn0m