I had an idea how to check sites for cross-browser compatibility.

What do you need? Several virtual machines on which all possible browsers will be installed. Hosting on which our service will be located. Of course, he will be a regular site with a url input field and a lot of checkboxes for selecting browsers on which to check the site.

The user enters the url, clicks the ok button, the data is transmitted to the server, which in turn processes the data, opens the desired browsers on the virtual machines with the site specified in the url, screenshots all pages in all variants, processes all screenshots for each other, this ratio will be expressed in%.

After processing the data, the user should see% cross-browser compatibility and screenshots in different browsers.

Question: is there such a service already, if yes, then throw a link, I will be very grateful.

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    http://browsershots.org/ without% of course, but the point I think is clear.