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Good day. It is necessary to quickly master C #, looking for good literature and resources in general. There is no need to explain what OOP is, design patterns, unit testing, (familiar with JAVA). It is necessary to quickly master the features, modern features of the language and the standard library (of interest is both ms .net and mono). Who started what, and who started where? Thank.

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  • Shildt is already in the process, I know him from JAVA and CPP ... - morin
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    Andrew Troelsen> Use Google Luke - dreadangel
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    Resources: MSDN for general development, StackOverflow for specific issues, CodeProject for an overview of interesting off-the-shelf solutions. - Olter
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    for some reason I liked the books of Richter and Albahari most of all - Specter
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    Possible duplicate question: Books on C # and other literature - Nick Volynkin

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Here, in my opinion, the best tutorial on C # is the C # 2010 programming language and the .NET 4 platform (Andrew Troelsen) .

And to consolidate knowledge - C # 2010. Accelerated course for professionals (Trey Nash) .

    The best place to start with this book is: C # 4.0 Complete Guide (Herbert Shildt) . To consolidate this book: C # 2010 programming language and .NET 4.0 platform (Andrew Troelsen) , and this to improve the knowledge gained: CLR via C #. Programming on the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 in C # (Jeffrey Richter) .

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      excellent answer, to find out the names of the books, you need to go through three links ... some doorway - Specter