Tell me, there is such a div and code, but for some reason drag diva does not occur. What could be the error, tell me?

<div id="block" style="z-index: 33; left: 50%; top: 50%; margin-left: -222px; margin-top: -150px; display: block; ">некоторый текст</div> <script> $(function () { $("#block").draggable(); }); </script> 
  • check the script paths - Specter
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    The correct paths are connected, the scripts and versions that are used by jquery 1.8 and jqueryui / 1.8.9 / jquery-ui.js - OverLoader

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Where did you get the jQuery UI version 1.8.9 ? Currently used 1.8.22 Connect:

 <script src="//"></script> 

And be happy! ))