Netbins connected the module to develop C / C ++.

  • Version:
  • Source: NetBeans Distribution.
  • Plug-in Description: C / C ++ support, including editing, projects, GDB debugger and build. Provides basic support for Fortran and Assembler (x86 / 64, SPARC)

I create a project - an application in C / C ++, such code is initially present in the file

#include <cstdlib> using namespace std; /* * */ int main(int argc, char** argv) { return 0; } 

Netbins emphasizes #include <cstdlib> and writes on a tooltip that it could not find the file include <cstdlib> , similarly - std - it was not possible to resolve the identifier std. Something needs to be installed or what needs to be done? Or do you need to create a project of another type? Tell me how to start working?

  • Does netbing itself say that C ++ works? You need to put MinGW. - ivkremer 2:13 pm
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    MinGW under Linux - very interesting? I personally have no obvious what kind of operating system the author has of the question. - gecube 2:17 pm
  • OS - ubunta 12/04 - Heidel 2:44 pm
  • one
    Try sudo apt-get install gcc sudo apt-get install g ++ - avp
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    One conclusion - you need to configure the path in NetBeans. [Configuring NetBeans IDE for C / C ++] [1] [1]:… - vv2cc