In the VB6 project I get the following error:

Can`t find entry point DdeGetDataA in user32

In the code:

Pulic Declare Function DdeGetData Lib "user32" Alias "DdeGetDataA" (ByVal hData As Long, pDst As Byte, ByVal cbMax As Long, ByVal cbOff As Long) As Long Public Function DdeCallback(ByVal wType As Long, ByVal fmt As Integer, ByVal hConv As Long, ByVal hsz1 As Long, ByVal hsz2 As Long, ByVal hData As Long, ByVal dwData1 As Long, ByVal dwData2 As Long) As Long Select Case (wType) Case 16528 Dim Result As Long ReDim pSrc_t(0 To 9999) Result = DdeGetData(hData, pSrc_t(0), 10000, 0) End Select End Function 

I'm already worried for 3 hours, I can not understand where the dog has buried?

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    Removed Alias ​​"DdeGetDataA" and it all worked! Why!?

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      Probably because the userde.dll is missing the DdeGetDataA entry point, but DdeGetData is present - alexlz
    • The Viewer API suggested a string with an alias, but he usually does not make mistakes ... - rejie