Who knows what the applets of many do not like , that they are quite rarely used? It seems to be convenient to shove a beautifully made applet on a page that will already look like a beautiful window application. And there are many more advantages, as it seems to me, applets have.
I will expand the question: what else can make a beautiful window interface very well on the Web? Except ExtJS.

  • Applets will not work on Android and iOS devices in any way. - angry

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The user must have a JVM (or at least a JRE). Can you guarantee it? And 10 years ago, download even 20 megabytes of virt.mashiny was problematic. What if security policy prohibits applets? Plus the limitations of applets are many: writing something somewhere is impossible. Native methods do not run.

Java applet - here more.

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    Good. And what about the use inside the enterprise? And if you use <b> Java Web Start </ b>? - Anton Mukhin
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    Stop. Applets run in the browser, JWS doesn’t need a browser. Inside the enterprise, this is exactly the case where they have remained confidently living), although I have seen the implementation on client applets in some large banks. applets are more often used if there is already a huge application written on the swing, and for some reason it needs to be transferred to the web environment. And if you write from scratch, then Horstman says about servlets, jsp and experts constantly write about java server faces - Anton Feoktistov
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    I see. Thanks. I just need to choose now where I will be writing a rather complicated web application inside the enterprise. And this application should have a very, very dynamic interface, something like a windows application. Well, there is a choice between ExtJS, JavaFX, Swing or something else. And pondering what to write: in Java or JavaScript. This is what I need help with: choosing the best medium - Anton Mukhin
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    I would also like to see advice on this subject) - Anton Mukhin
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    Yeah. I did not notice the first comment. Now in the world AJAX rules a lot (probably, that was what he meant by talking about JS). As a piece of advice, I'll tell you right away - use the MVC or MVP design pattern. Then it doesn't matter what you choose - fx, jsp, jsf or gwt. BTW! GWT! wiki.linuxformat.ru/index.php/LXF90:JavaEE - here’s the link for all sorts of different technologies. For the first acquaintance. - Anton Feoktistov

I have already mentioned GWT here. I also want to draw attention to it. A very heaped up framework. How not better suited for organizing a company's web application. From the pros:

  • easy to make desktop windows interface
  • built-in capabilities for implementing MVP. Together with GIN and Guice, this allows for easily expandable and testable applications
  • 100% AJAX, which makes work in the browser similar to work with the desktop application + browser navigation buttons are supported
  • built-in cross-browser compatibility (although this is not critical for an enterprise)
  • client and server code is written in Java, no need to bother with HTML and JavaScript
  • Wonderful! Thanks to all! Download information) It remains only to start. And who worked with GWT? Does it accidentally compile or work too slowly? I just heard somewhere that GWT is pretty slow. - Anton Mukhin
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    Large applications can compile slowly (a few minutes). Performed fairly well, if not the city, God knows what. HTML and JavaScript need to be known anyway - you won't get away from them;) - cy6erGn0m
  • Everything is clear, thank you. - Anton Mukhin