Task: the user enters a domain and keywords, after which he is given a table of positions in the Google and Yandex search results for these keywords.

Tell me, please, how it is possible to implement. The code is not needed, just explain schematically.

Ready services are also not interested :)

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    Maybe through the API somehow? (if there is one) - atnartur
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    Search works - Shevsky

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It can be implemented using the Google Search API and Yandex XML. Sample Script Scheme:

  1. We send the search query with selected keywords;
  2. Parsim search engine response, counting each site in the issue;
  3. Finding the desired site, we display a message about it and the calculated position of the site.

There is a caveat: the maximum number of sites found by Google in issue is 64, and Yandex seems to be 500.

  • Yes, thanks, I have already read about yandex xml, but I’ll take out the search api for Google :) - devmonkey