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There is a site "" necessary for AJAX'u load the page with users, which is located at "". I loaded it, but another question arises: how to make the url of the browser also change the url to "", I just want to transfer the entire site to AJAX, but I think users will not like it , for example, they will not be able to give their friends a link to themselves or another page. Here are sites like and they also upload content to AJAX, otherwise it would be impossible to listen to music and move through the pages, and I want to notice that their URL changes. I ask the guru to help me.

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To change the address in the browser without rebooting, you can use the History API , namely pushState . Of course, this will only work in browsers that support HTML5 .

The simplest example is:

 var redirect = '/users/'; history.pushState('', '', redirect); 

For more, follow the link and get acquainted with the details.

  • Thank you very much, and still not tell me how to deal with such terrible browsers as IE? just like that and keep links to <a href="/users/" onclick="ajaxContent('/users/');"> Users </a> or am I wrong? - Sexy Girl
  • New IEs work well with them, and they will be more expensive for old ones. IMHO. - xEdelweiss
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I am currently studying the same topic and this jquery Address docs plugin.

  • I wrote my own function, and now the site works for me completely, like on AJAX and also for those who have java scripts turned off - Sexy Girl