Hello! Tell me, please, how can jQuery allow scrolling to the top of the page? Or advise any jQuery 1.7+ plugin. Thank you in advance!

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    Here primerchik for clarity.

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      Thank you! Tell me how to make this button appear after a certain time on the right, say, or somewhere in the corner and not at the bottom of the page? Just the appearance? - OverLoader
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      It is possible thus to be perverted. - Deonis
    • By the way, such a button should appear after a long enough scroll, i.e. not after a single scroll wheel, because with the same success it is easier to do a reverse scroll. This is my opinion on usability. - Specter
    • @Spectre, well, in the example, this is exactly what is implemented, if that)) Increase the value in this piece: if (150 <= currentScrollTop) - Deonis
    • no, no, no, this is not to your example of pretense, but to a similar functionality in all contacts, habras, and movie searches - Specter 5:46 pm

    those. shift+space no longer in vogue ...


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