I wanted to ask who uses what and what to check for authorization and authentication, I just started searching and came across many different gems (plug-ins) for these actions - I would like to know which one to choose (so as not to be mistaken in the study).

ZY And immediately, without departing from the cashier, another question for another topic. About using ActionMailer ...


config.action_mailer.smtp_settings = { :address => 'mail.your.domain', :port => 587, :domain => 'your.domain', :authentication => :login, :user_name => 'username@your.domain', :password => 'password' } 

there is a line: domain => ...

The question is: how much I did not change it and google it, I did not understand why it is needed ... I can supply all the left data and still work, under what conditions will it give an error and in general where is it used?

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Authentication - Devise

Login - CanCan