Tell me how to make sure that when you hover over the image link is shown? Is it possible to do this without jquery hover ? Thank you in advance!

  • In the sense of "show"? - Deonis
  • Yes, so that when you hover over a picture, a link to the picture or something like that would appear! - OverLoader

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 div{position:relative} img{float:left;} a{position:absolute;top:50px; left:30px;display:none} div:hover a{display:block} </style> </head> <body> <div> <img src="3.png" width="200" height="200" /> <a href="#">LINK </a> </div> 
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    This is from the series "What words are missing in the text"? Here is the "normalized" option: <style> div {position: relative; } img {float: left; } a {position: absolute; top: 50px; left: 30px; display: none; } div: hover a {display: block; } img {width: 200px; height: 200px; } </ style> <div> <img src = "3.png" /> <a href="#"> LINK </a> </ div> And the demo . - Crasher

As an alternative - this option