There is a code:

<?php echo "<table border='0' cellpadding='2' cellspacing='0' width='100%'>\n"; echo "<tr>\n"; echo "<td width='100%' bgcolor='".$TitleBackgroundColour."'><font face='Arial' size='".$TitleSize."'>Error</font></td>\n"; echo "</tr>\n"; echo "</table>\n"; echo "<p><font face='Arial' size='".$NormalTextSize."'>".$msg."</font>\n"; echo "<font face='Arial' size='".$NormalTextSize."'><br>Click <A HREF=JavaScript:history.back()>here</a> to return to the previous page or click the Back button on your browser.</font></p>\n"; echo "<hr>\n"; ?> 

What does \ n mean?

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    This is called escape sequence / character. Used in programming to refer to invisible / control characters.

    A list of escape characters is shown here.

    PS In this case, \n is a newline character.

      \ n means a newline, HTML code will be displayed from a new line, if you press Ctrl + U (View Source or View HTML code).

        \ n - a sequence of characters signaling the system to make a line break (in unix-like systems). In your case, it was derived from incorrect inclusion in the string.

          In this example, the dude simply added \ n to each line, apparently not understanding why and, accordingly, it has no meaning. When outputting to the browser to wrap a line, write <br> When printing to the console, use \ n

          • It's not true, dude did it not because he didn't know, but to make it easier to look at the code. I do this too often. - Barmaley
          • Well, maybe it is. I'm used to the template engine, I never write like that. - nMike