Generally I have a question. I studied html + css. In general, I want to become a good web programmer. I want to program on jQuery. Tell me where to start.

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    with javascript, but here's a good introductory article: jQuery - New Generation Javascript - Specter
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    First add <script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.min.js"></script> to the beginning of the <head></head> . - ivkremer
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    but this is bad advice! scripts should be located at the end of the document - Specter
  • Thank you for the article! And such a question. I was advised to watch the video tutorials "Specialist" What do you say? Has the meaning? - Syaskaa
  • @Spectre, with .ready() it doesn't matter, but include libraries, etc. usually still in the head) but it was more of a joke) - ivkremer

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Start, clearly, from the jQuery site. INFA 100%. Right there on the main there is where to start.

(Learn jQuery Now!)

Plus - there is quite clear documentation.

If it is difficult to read English, start with learning English.

  • And this is another question. How much time does it take to learn JS? - Syaskaa
  • js is a very deep language, deal with this, closures, implicit type conversions, prototype chains and see how long it will take - Specter
  • @Spectre is still very angry and scary. =) Do not frighten a person like that, he will think that 30 years and three years ... Really, if you are doing this closely, then about 2 years. - knes
  • @knes Thank you) And such a question. Here I am very interested in making sites. Yes, and like web programmers are very appreciated. Such a question sites can only be done on jquery or am I confusing something? If so, how much approximately do you need to learn in order to interact well with it? - Syaskaa
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    @knes, the layout designer and the client-side / frontend developer are different things @ Syaskaa, this will remain a secret until you make a nice website (just like with Schrödinger's cat), since you can do it right now, or you can never do it at all - Specter

I'll just leave it here: Codecademy .

  • let me finish this: tuts + - xEdelweiss

Well, of course, http://jquery-docs.ru ...

  • Nothing of course. Do not know English - Wali from programming! If, of course, do not consider programming 1C - programming. About Wali is not specifically for you, but in general, for those who do not know. It is better to "teach people" to good practices since childhood, Ichaschayu. - neoascetic
  • Agree =) - Salivan
  • Thanks for the answers) There are no problems with the English) - Syaskaa