Do not tell me what is more promising to study now: iOS or Android? In terms of demand from employers.

  • Learn non-iOS, learn language and libraries, Objective-C. Also, in order to code under iOS, you need a system with MacOS, iMac, MacMini or MacBook. - AndroidDev
  • Objective-C + cocoa-touch I studied (at the level of an amateur), I registered on their website to launch my applications on the iPad. It is clear that for this you need a Mac;) But this does not affect the prospects of iOS. - angry
  • Affects costs. And as far as I remember, there is an iPhone, not only an iPad, an aisle. Well, I can only say if I had a lot of finances on the poppy axis, I would do it, I have my own perspectives in iPhone development that I would like to study (I already know many, but I need practice), they already know their androids. - AndroidDev
  • @AndroidDev is after all hakintosh. No cost at all required. - VioLet
  • Buy a piece of iron with poppy is not a cost? - AndroidDev

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And so here is the detailed answer with my reasoning:


  • Primary Language - Objective-C
  • App Store - AppStore
  • The store has more paid apps than free ones, users willingly buy apps at a reasonable price of $ 1-2.
  • The ability to place in-app ads with great reach and profit, work immediately with advertising 10-12 companies and show all their ads (Updates every 30 seconds, showing the next one). Provides a service like Mobclix. In this area, personally, the effectiveness of advertising is not tested
  • Relatively cheap and profitable advertising applications (I do not know about efficiency)
  • No compatibility issues, written under one device, with one screen size and a set of functions
  • When placing applications low% of user failure, no compatibility problems, many users do not download the application for 10 minutes to play with it.


  • The main language is Java
  • App Store - AndroidMarket
  • Users are not particularly actively buying paid versions of applications, because of the openness of the platform they prefer free versions.
  • Ability to place advertisements in the application with huge reach and profit, work immediately with advertising 8-9 companies (Including OpenAllocation - AbMob, AdWords) and show all their ads (Update every 30 seconds, display the next). Provides such as Mobclix service.
  • If the advertiser pays for showing or installing the application, sometimes it turns out to be a very profitable occupation.
  • Not cheap enough to advertise your application ($ 0.03-0.04 per click on the banner, if you pay for the installation then $ 0.25-1 for the installation)
  • Compatibility issues, different screen sizes, different versions of the system, I even met such that one functionality working on my device does not work on some other models
  • When placing applications and downloading them by users a large percentage of failures, usually even comes to 40-50% (The result is a point above + many users download the application "to have fun")
  • Cited items that worry me as a developer. - AndroidDev
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    > There are no compatibility issues, it is written under one device, with one screen size and a set of> functions. Let me correct: 1) different OS versions on different devices, different features again. 2) the screen resolution is still different (Retina and simple) - so the design will need to be adjusted in any case (if you need more coverage of devices, of course). 3) the performance of the same iPhone 4 and 2G - sky-earth. There are many applications that fly on the first and do not work at all on the second (this is again a question about coverage). - VioLet
  • But these are not 320 different Android devices, so in this case, the fragmentation of the iPhone can be neglected. - ArtFeel
  • Well, how to neglect ... It is, of course, less at times, but still it’s worth considering anyway. - VioLet
  • In general, there are no problems with this, the designer simply needs to draw graphics for the retina and put them in a folder named image @ 2x, and with the help of add. utilities, in one click the entire graphics is reduced by 2 times and adjusted to the usual screen. In terms of code, nothing changes at all. - ArtFeel

Well, what do you want? IOS is now more in demand. But the android is very quickly gaining momentum so that soon the android will become a more promising platform.

    Do not get hung up on one platform. There are prosplatform SDK for mobile devices, for example, AirPlaySDK or Titanium. They allow you to write a mobile application once and compile it for almost all mobile platforms.

      Under iOS, you can not only write on Objective-C, you can also on C # in Monotouch. But without poppy nowhere ... (they say (c) that you can try to establish hackintosh). In my opinion, both of these areas are promising. The plus of Android is that it can be developed for it under Windows, that is, you can work as a freelancer or study yourself without tangible financial investments.

      • Well, yes, based on obdzhektiv-s, I can also say that you can also write under android not in Java but in C ++ (remember about the NDK) in a poppy, the main problem is buying the piece of iron with a beautiful bitten apple) - AndroidDev
      • Here, too, it depends on which side to view, for developing for Android, you need to buy a device, and preferably 3 with different screens. And under iOS, you can calmly code and test even games in an emulator. - ArtFeel

      iOS but there is a minus: you must have hardware for 100% Mac development :) So I am the owner of a macbook about Xcode (objective-c), I have never been keen on php, mysql & c ++

      • You are probably the 4th who have already written about this minus) - AndroidDev

      Better iOs since there are more active applications to buy ... And if you switch to a poppy, you will forget about writing, believe me)

        Yes, iOS is now looking more promising. I don’t think that something will change soon ...