Hello everyone, tell me what functions there are to find out the error when saving data. I get the data myself using the Jquery method serialize () and then send it via Ajax to the controller but they do not want to be saved to the database

$('#add_new_player').click(function(event) { event.preventDefault() $.ajax({ url:"/Group/Players/add_player", success:function(data) { pl_dialog.html(data) pl_dialog.dialog("open") $('#close_dialog_pl').click(function() { pl_dialog.dialog("close") }) $('#add_player').click(function() { var data = $('#AddForm').serialize() $.post("/Group/Players/player_save", {data:data}) }) } }); }); 

Here is the controller code

 function player_save() { if (!empty($this -> request -> data)) { $this -> Player -> save($this -> request -> data); } } 

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    instead, it is better to use $ .ajax ({}) and look at the error in the console, and when saving in this case, try this


    change the name of the User to the name of the controller where the data goes; moreover, the name public is possible and should be added before the function ()