Good evening. I would like to ask your opinion - should Flash and ActionScript be known to a web developer now? Or you shouldn’t waste time on this and do similar tasks on HTML5 + CSS3 + JS? I ask, because even sometimes customers come across who ask them to make a website using Flash technology. It is very interesting to hear your opinion!

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    I don’t understand FLash too much, but for sure, not everything that a flash can do can be done on JS. Watch the game "Legend". - Oleg Arkhipov
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    Believe AS you will not hurt, increase programming horizons in languages, plus with AS knowledge you can go to Flex developers and write rich client applications that are much more difficult written in js - rnd_d
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    and games in social. networks also died? - Specter
  • 3 just remembered (the opinion of the author may not coincide with mine) @deniz and why are you so audacious?) - rasmisha
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    @deniz I hope that soon such headlines will be brought to justice in accordance with the Administrative Code and the Criminal Code. - alexlz

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Six years on the web. Flush I do not know, and never experienced discomfort from it. As a rule, work with flash, it is more likely to designers. And coders and without flash a whole zoo of technologies, php, html, js, css, sql and so on.

By the same flash slowly leaves the web, I think in a couple of years it will not remain ...

  • I agree with you, but the other day I got a customer who says - I want a website with Flash and everything, even though you are bursting, can't convince him ;-( So I decided to ask the community whether to start intensive research or refuse a hemorrhoid order? - spoilt
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    @ eprivalov1 Well, it seems to me that in any case it’s better for you to give up this order, it’s far from a fact that you can immediately make a decent product on an unfamiliar technology, so as not to blush))) - Pavel Vershinin
  • Yes, I agree with you, perhaps I will refuse to get away from sin. - spoilt
  • > I think in a couple of years he will not be left at all ... not one couple of years have passed since the first such statement, and more than one will pass until it comes true - Specter
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    @ pavel-vershinin what does it mean that the flash from linux was removed by itself, what is it like? - rnd_d

I believe that if there is a talent for drawing, then Flash and AS are worth learning. For creating a quality game in the social. networks you can make a lot of money. Or you can even make a good online game. And flash sites for me are shit, try to convince the customer)

    The action script is a relative of javascript, they are both built on the basis of an emascript. Ie, knowing the action script, the developer will easily switch to the CTML5, and there is no sense in learning it

    • I agree with you ActionScript and JavaScript are very similar .. Therefore, for a person who knows JavaScript, it will not be difficult to learn ActionScript. Another thing to draw in Adobe Flash CS5 ... - spoilt