How to get the login value from this URL ""))))))

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    1) Remove login from $ _SERVER ['REQUEST_URI']

    2) .htaccess (schematically):

    RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^user/(.+) /myscript.php?action=user&login=$1 
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    • See point 1. In the simplest case: $ login = str_replace ('/ user /', '', $ _SERVER ['REQUEST_URI']); - user6550
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    • Well I wrote: "in the simplest case." In the original post there was a URL without / at the end, here is the solution for this case. Further there will be a question how to remove / in the end, I correctly guessed? - user6550

    For example using .htaccess

    In the .htaccess file, write the following:

      RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^user/(.*)$ /user/index.php?login=$1 [L] 

    And accordingly, in the /user/index.php file , get the login from the $ _GET ['login'] variable

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    • this is php. Learn how to use .htaccess file - Emil Sabitov