Hello. Do not tell me the literature on neural networks? Only not according to the theory, namely, their implementation in the programming language. Desirable C ++. Thank you in advance.

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    Need just literature? I'm not sure that there are books on neural networks where exactly C ++ is used. But on the Internet, if you wish, you can find many examples of the implementation of neural-network algorithms with source codes. For certain, some of them even contain normal comments contain :)

    For example:

    http://www.ishodniki.ru/list/alg/alg-neiron/neiron_net/ (articles on neural networks with examples on the pluses)

    http://www.orc.ru/~stasson/neurox.html (articles on neural networks with examples on the pluses)

    http://alglib.sources.ru/#download (a powerful open source numerical analysis library containing neuro-network methods)

      Well, Google to help ... But if nothing is ... Look here , here is this program ....

      • Actually, the first link is given above) - Fiztex