Hello, dear users, tell me, please, what to read Ruby? (Something in Russian.) Without knowing the basics of Ruby, is it difficult to start right away with RoR?

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Starting with RoR is not difficult, if you have experience, but it is not ideologically correct to start learning a language with a framework. And get used to the English literature

  • My knowledge of English is zero, that's why I asked in Russian. - TheDalian
  • meant that one should strive for this - pavelbel
  • The advice about literature is not the best from the point of view of building a Russian-speaking IT community. Of course, English-language literature is extremely useful in a situation where there is no Russian language. However, if everyone gets used to the English-speaking, the Russian-speaking will never appear. It simply will not be in demand. - Shamov
  • it makes sense in your words, but understand, I also wrote this advice not out of whim, it’s just that the situation at the moment is such that there’s no English anywhere, it’s just a fact and it doesn’t matter whether he likes it or not. - pavelbel
  • I understood perfectly what you meant. That's why I made a clarification about the Russian-speaking community. You correctly say that at the moment the situation is such that without English it is difficult. However, your advice to learn English only contributes to its consolidation. - Shamov

I read this book: Ruby programming . I can not say what it is in comparison with others, because others did not read. But it gives a complete picture of the possibilities of the language itself. It is a fact.

    This one ( Ruby programming language ) is good (one of the authors, Matsumoto, the creator of the language). After it is possible and for RoR.

      Hold RubyScreencastsRu's channel :) I think this is best for you!

        If there is even a small rudiment of English, you can still see it .

          not a bad book Agile development of web applications in the Rails environment, one of the co-authors David Hansson creator of the technology Rails.

            If we talk about Rails without knowledge of Ruby, then I think Michael Hartle’s book will be a very good option to start with - a good input for TDD, git, deploy directly to Heroku. In general, the conversation immediately goes on Rails in relation to a good stack of technologies. Gave a link to the translation of the book into Russian - this version of the book lags behind a bit, but I do not think it will be critical.

            But in general, as written above, without English with RoR nowhere. I advise English to allocate, for a start, no less time than programming languages. I will explain a little more. When I started learning programming, I didn't know English either. The names of the methods were simply memorized, but the fact is that the method names themselves provide clues to what a particular method does (for example, if you know that 'empty' = 'empty', then there will be no questions that the array.empty method does, and vice versa, there will be no question how to check that the array is empty). Plus, although Russian stackoverflow has opened, a correctly composed search query in English will almost certainly lead either to the documentation page with the answer to the question, or to the question to the SOF (English-speaking), which, at least, is very similar to the question you entered.

            Because another question - there is no English at all, or is it, but weak? If he is, just weak, I advise you to start using English-language resources as soon as possible.